Guidelines for ​Extended Abstract

01. How-To: Author Submission

02. Formatting

The extended abstract may not exceed five (5) pages in length (inclusive of all figures, tables, technical appendices, etc.). Author(s) may use additional pages to list the references.

Papers should be

03. Content order for paper

04. Headings and Sub-headings

Major headings should be centred and in bold type. The first letter of each major word should be capitalised. Minor words, such as definite or indefinite articles or conjunctions should not be capitalised. A major heading should be preceded by two (2) single space lines and followed by one single space line. Sub-headings should similarly be in bold type face, but left justified, with the initial letter of each key word capitalised. Sub-headings should be preceded and followed by single space line. Sub-sub-headings should begin with a single space line and end with none. Capitalise just the first letter of the sub-sub-heading.

05. Tables and Figures

Table/Figure should be integrated within the text. Headings of tables and figures should be bold, with leading capitals for major words and be preceded and followed by one line. Tables and Figures should be numbered consecutively throughout the document using Arabic numerals preceded by the word ‘Table’ / ‘Figure’. The number and title of the table should be right aligned and written above the table. The number and the title of the figure should appear below the object. Any table/figure duplicated or borrowed from other publishers should be acknowledged in the bottom.

06. Referencing

Author(s) should follow APA 7 referencing style

Click below link for the reference style guidlines;